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ECU REmapping

ECU Remapping - Perfomance Increased

Increased Power

 ECU Remapping can increase power by up to 40% and sharpen up throttle response

Improved Torque

ECU Remapping can give you more Pulling Power for towing a caravan, horse box, boat or heavily laden vehicle like a van or pickup.

Better Fuel Economy

ECU Remapping can improve fuel economy an average of 12%

Reduce Carbon Emissions

ECU Remapping can help with Greener Driving


JPS Wheel Alignment Centre provides a world class, unbeatable range of ECU remapping performance solutions.



In a recent survey 75% of our customers' fuel economy improved by an average of 12%. Furthermore, it has been scientifically proven to reduce harmful emissions by up to 27%. With the ongoing cost of fuel worldwide, ECU remapping has become advantageous in reducing fuel costs for a variety of applications; not just improving performance but now helping with saving fuel cost on cars, 4x4s, SUV, commercial, trucks, vans, agriculture and even marine.



Feel the extra power instantly! Up to 40% more power and sharper throttle response. No more flat spots or turbo lag, smoother gear changes and boosted power. Enjoy a livelier feel, as if you'd chosen the bigger engine option.



More torque too. You'll immediately notice better acceleration from low down in the rev range and when using taller gears. And that means more pulling power - precisely what you need if you tow a caravan, a horse box, a boat or if you drive a heavily laden vehicle like a van or pickup. Your engines response will be cleaner and crisper.

  • Parts are interchangeable between vehicles, enabling them to be upgraded and part exchanged for other types
  • Can be used on vehicles that use urea and emission additive.
  • Engine life is increased due to higher gears being used - requiring fewer RPMs.
  • Does not interfere with service schedule intervals
  • Max turbo boost pressure remains unaltered
  • Advanced design makes more of the RPM range usable, for safer overtaking
  • Produces more low down torque compared to a remap - helps towing
  • Reduces engine noise levels on manual or an automatic cars, van, motorhome, tractor or even a boat


Vehicle manufacturers are forced to compromise when they set up the engine's ECU, to create vehicles which will operate in a wide variety of markets and conditions. Many countries impose emission controls which are far more rigorous than those we have in the UK. Other countries relate their vehicle taxation systems to power output rather than engine size. Some, like the UK, impose higher taxation for different emission levels. In many cases power is deliberately restricted for future use. Finally the manufacturers themselves often produce several different performance variants of a given model.