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Diesel Tuning

JPS Wheel Alignment Centre provides a world class, unbeatable range of diesel tuning performance solutions. Covering over 3000 vehicle and diesel engine applications
FUEL SAVING: Fuel economy improved by an average of 12%. Diesel tuning is available for a variety of applications. Helping with saving fuel cost on cars, 4x4s, SUV, commercial, trucks, vans and agriculture.
POWER: Feel the extra power instantly! Up to 40% more power and sharper throttle response with diesel tuning.
TORQUE: Diesel tuning provides more pulling power for towing a caravan, horse box, boat or heavily laden vehicle like a van or pickup.
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About JPS Motorsport

JPS Motorsport has been servicing, tuning and modifying cars for over 20 years. With an outstanding reputation for working on all Japanese cars. A one stop shop for all of our customers performance and servicing requirements which includes any make and model of car. More...

Picture Perfect Wheel Alignment

Reduced Fuel Consumption and Tyre Wear

Saves Money and the Environment

Improved Handling and Grip

Safer Driving on the roads and greater Performance on the Track

All Cars Catered For

Form Small Cars to Large Cars including 4x4's

For the Road or the Track

Setups for the Road, Track Days, Drifting and Drag Racing

Many cars have fully adjustable wheel alignment. This includes caster and camber adjustments for both front and rear wheels. Manufacturers specification for wheel alignment can be generous which leads to poor handling, excessive tyre wear & vague steering.

Using 3D laser imaging we can display your cars wheel alignment setup in minutes. We can improve on manufacture specifications so you benefit from maximum steering response and grip as well increased tyre life.


The improved handling from a 3D laser wheel alignment is not just for performance cars on tracks, it makes every day driving safer by giving better control of your vehicle when you need it most - avoiding accidents!




All Makes and Models. Prices start from

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